Har bibliotekerne stadig en rolle at spille?

Er der fare for at bibliotekerne bliver overflødige? Det er vi mange, der ikke håber. Men derfor er det nødvendigt at produktudvikle.

JISC stiller spørgsmålet Does the library have a role to play in the Digital Humanities? What role does the library have to play in the increasingly data driven, technologically evolving humanities?

Meget har ændret i de sidste ca. 20 år. Fokus er skiftet fra tekst og data i papir til digitalt. Det er blevet meget nemmere for forskerne selv at indsamle deres informationer, tekster og data. Bliver forskningsbibliotekerne så glemt?

Forfatteren af artiklen kommer frem til at bibliotekerne skal udfylde disse opgaver/roller indenfor “Digital Humanities”:

  • Managing Data
  • The ‘embedded’ librarian
  • Digitisation and Curation
  • Digital Preservation
  • Discovery and Dissemination

Questions remain around the ability of the library, and the wider institution, to adapt to the changes that are affecting scholarly practice. While much of the focus of research has been on the library services and how these can be made attractive to researchers, it is clear that a researcher-centric approach needs to be adopted to ensure requirements and future needs are clearly understood.

Artiklen henviser til et par engelske rapporter:

Fra RLUK report: Re-skilling for Research
Hele rapporten: Re-­‐skilling for Research (122 s./pdf)
An investigation into the role and skills of subject and liaison librarians required to effectively support the evolving information needs of researchers

Abstract –  This report, Re-skilling for Research, takes us a long way to mapping these requirements. It looks in detail at researchers’ information needs and begins to outline the skills and knowledge that are required to meet those needs. The Report offers a comparison of different models of library support for researchers, with valuable comparisons of current job descriptions. Finally, issues around the training opportunities for subject librarians to acquire the additional skills and knowledge they will need to fulfill their new roles are explored.

JISC har sammen med RIN udgivet The Value of Libraries for Research and Researcher
Hele rapporten: The value of libraries for research and researchers (68 s./pdf)

I en helt anden boldgade har PEW udsendt en ny undersøgelse om at Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives. De opsummerer i Main findings: Teens, technology, and human potential in 2020 : The most-desired skills of 2020 will be…

Hele rapporten: Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives (36 s./pdf) eller i tekst
Abstract Analysts generally believe many young people growing up in today’s networked world and counting on the internet as their external brain will be nimble analysts and decision-makers who will do well. But these experts also expect that constantly connected teens and young adults will thirst for instant gratification and often make quick, shallow choices. Where will that leave us in 2020? These survey respondents urge major education reform to emphasize new skills and literacies.

Dette indlæg blev udgivet i biblioteker, Forskningsbiblioteker. Bogmærk permalinket.

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