Brugen af søgemaskiner

PEW har netop udsendt udersøgelsen Search Engine Use 2012.

Search engines remain popular—and users are more satisfied than ever with the quality of search results—but many are anxious about the collection of personal information by search engines and other websites and say they do not like the idea of personalized search results or targeted advertising.

Rapporten kan læses i afsnit her Search Engine Use 2012 > Main findings

  • Search engine use over time
  • Quality of information
  • Searchers’ experiences and perceptions of their own abilities
  • Most have negative views of search engines and other sites collecting information about them
  • Targeted advertising: 59% of internet users have noticed it, but most don’t like it
  • Most internet users say they do not know how to limit the information that is collected about them by a website
  • Methodology

Eller læs rapporten samlet Search Engine Use 2012 (42 s./pdf)

Dette indlæg blev udgivet i IKT. Bogmærk permalinket.

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