Udvikling af digitale kompetencer – ny undersøgelse fra JISC

JISC har udsendt ny undersøgelse om Developing digital literacy: trial and error? : JISC.

Undersøgelsen “…has found that learners develop a variety of digital literacies often through a social trial-and-error process, without the direct support or advice of their educational institutions.”

Fra Executive Summary
“The JISC-funded Digital Visitors and Residents project is a UK-US partnership between the University of Oxford and OCLC. It is a longitudinal study which utilizes the Visitors and Residents (V&R) concept as a framework to reassess learners‘ (including staff) engagement with digital technologies. This work primarily focuses on individual and group motivations to engage with digital technologies rather than simply tracking which technologies are popular. It progresses from recent research (Connaway and Dickey 2010; White and Le Cornu 2011), which indicated the need to eliminate assumed links between age and technological skill. It also addresses the need to distinguish apparent technological aptitude from learning literacies, such as critical evaluation and information seeking.”

Læs hele rapporten Digital Visitors and Residents – Progress Report June 2012 (41 s./pdf)

Læs mere om projektet Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?.


Dette indlæg blev udgivet i IKT, Studerende. Bogmærk permalinket.

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