Studerende og IKT – nye rapporter

EDUCAUSE har udgivet 2012 udgaven af deres ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology serie
Læs hele rapporten her: ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2012

The OITP Digital Literacy Task Force har udsendt en draft om digital literacy – Reviewing the Digital Literacy Report Draft September 18- October 19 2012

Hele rapporten: Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy – Report of the American Library Association Digital Literacy Task Force DRAFT (21 s./pdf)
Overview of the comment period goalsThe OITP Digital Literacy Task Force is pleased to share this preliminary report and is seeking feedback from across the profession on this draft. The report provides a broad overview of libraries and digital literacy. It discusses the current policy context, including digital inclusion, education, life-long learning, and workforce development. The report outlines library-specific issues and opportunities. It reaffirms the need for traditional, text-based literacy in reading and writing as a foundation for other literacies. Finally, the report serves as a launching point for the development of a set of recommendations to the Association and the broader library community to continue and expand libraries’ engagement and leadership to effect meaningful and sustainable change in our communities. The Task Force will develop these recommendations as a companion piece to this report

UCISA – Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association i England har udsendt 2012 Survey of Technology Enhanced LearningThe Report focusses on the current provision within universities and colleges, and the emerging and planned patterns of learning technology use across the higher education community.

Læs hele rapporten 2012 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK (61 s./pdf)

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