Læsestof om open access

Nu står sommerferien for døren. Så er det rart med lidt læsestof til stranden. Her er et par forslag hvis du interesserer dig for open access.

– Peter Suber er en af pionererne indenfor området. Hans bog Open Access kan hentes kvit og frit i flere formater.

– Januarnummeret fra The Journal of Academic Librarianship er et special issue om Open Access. Der burde være fri adgang for alle.
Link: The Journal of Academic Librarianship – Volume 39, Issue 1, Pages 1-112 (January 2013)

Open Access Survey: Exploring the views of Taylor & Francis and Routledge authors (pdf/47 s.)

This survey, circulated in the final weeks of 2012 leading into early 2013, was the largest single survey conducted by our Research & Businesses Intelligence Department to date, receiving over 14,700 responses. We asked the Taylor & Francis author community for their views on Open Access publishing and their level of involvement with it.
Why did we carry out this survey? Our motivation was a genuine curiosity about the views of our authors towards
Open Access, and many related topics, such as peer review, licensing, re-use and metrics.
The Open Access environment has been developing at an extraordinary rate, and we wanted to ensure we had an up-to-date understanding of our authors’ views and needs in response to these changes, in order to adapt our services and policies accordingly. We have long-standing experience of sending out surveys on a number of topics to authors, editors and society partners and believe that this is a very effective way of receiving rapid feedback from those communities.
Essentially, we believe that authors should be able to choose the best publication outlet for their research, whether
Open Access or otherwise. Whilst Open Access may not be suitable for everybody, Taylor & Francis want to add this option to our wide and varied publishing programme for those who want to, or may be required to, use it in the future. Getting our authors feedback on this issue is invaluable to us as we expand and continue to refine our Open Access options across our portfolio.
We wanted to make the results of the full survey available for all to read and so have produced this document providing charts showing the raw results from all the questions in the survey along with details about the survey population and resulting sample. This is provided under a creative commons attribution license.

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