Med på trendbølgen

IFLA udsender en årlig trend rapport om tendenser indenfor biblioteks- og informationssektoren.

What is the IFLA Trend Report?

In the global information environment, time moves quickly and there’s an abundance of commentators trying to keep up. With each new technological development, a new report emerges assessing its impact on different sectors of society. The IFLA Trend Report takes a broader approach and identifies five high level trends shaping the information society, spanning access to education, privacy, civic engagement and transformation. Its findings reflect a year’s consultation with a range of experts and stakeholders from different disciplines to map broader societal changes occurring, or likely to occur in the information environment.

De fem trends

  • TREND 1 New Technologies will both expand and limit who has access to information
  • TREND 2 Online Education will democratise and disrupt global learning
  • TREND 3 The boundaries of privacy and data protection will be redefined
  • TREND 4 Hyper-connected societies will listen to and empower new voices and groups
  • TREND 5 The global information environment will be transformed by new technologies

Rapporten: Riding the Waves or Caught in the Tide? Navigating the Evolving Information Environment Insights from the IFLA Trend Report (16 s./pdf)

Der er mere at hente på siden for IFLA medlemmer.

Dette indlæg blev udgivet i biblioteker. Bogmærk permalinket.

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