Ti tips til folkebibliotekerne

Lidt gamle nyheder fra i sommer.

How to reinvent librarians: five top tips from around the worldPartner with people in unlikely places, be sensitive to users’ cultural needs and share ideas on social media

Denne artikel fra the guardian handler om projektet The Global Librarian. Om projektet hedder det “It aims to highlight librarians around the globe who have taken active steps to reinvent themselves while reinvigorating their profession.”

Forfatteren har valgt fem praktiske tips:

  1. Join forces
  2. To thine own self (and patrons) be true
  3. Embrace creativity
  4. Get out from behind that desk (figuratively and literally)
  5. Share ideas

5 Innovations That Show Libraries Don’t Have To Die

Sure, the age of browsing for books and checking them out may be coming slowly to a close, but the idea of a library can adapt rather than fade away. These five locations are doing just that

  1. The Bookless Library
  2. Libraries as Schools
  3. Libraries as Maker Spaces
  4. Pop-Up Libraries
  5. The Occupy Wall Street Library

Til slut en lille hyggelig artikel Cozy up to Carmel’s must-visit public library – Christine  Delsol, Special to SFGate

Dette indlæg blev udgivet i biblioteker. Bogmærk permalinket.

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